24 OCT

as good as a holiday

Well here we go again!  Time for the ubiquitous 'first-blog-post-about-my-new-website' blog post.  (All the cool websites have them...)

In all seriousness though - which is very much unlike me - this is a rebranding that has been coming for a while.  I'm not only a soundie, but also a photographer, I design things, shoot video - edit those videos too.  I can create motion graphics and then projection map them onto just about anything.

The list goes on and keeps on getting longer.  (Where was this thirst for knowledge when I was a kid?!)

Basically, an all-round master of nothing.  It surprises me sometimes that people don't know of my multi-faceted skills.  Hopefully over the life of this site, I'll get to showcase some of the cool stuff that I do.

Until the next rebrand that is.

We're also moving!

A rebranding of our living environment I guess you could say.

It's chaos around here at the moment.  Boxes and mess everywhere.  All so we can move all of our belongings (foster cats included) 400m down the road. (387m to be exact.)

Blossom loving the boxes!

Moving isn't just about changing where you live though.  It's also a chance to take stock of the things you have and whether you need them in your life anymore.  Moving invokes memories.  Some good, some bad - but all moments of your life that you're forced to reflect on.

So, the moving cull is in full effect - I'm bad at culling things.  I am getting much better though. I just found a charger for my first ever colour screen phone.  It was a Sony Ericsson Z800 - it had the moving camera in the middle of it.  I thought it was the tits!

I reflected on all the blurry photos I took on it and how I was blown away that I always had a 1.8 Megapixel camera in my pocket. 

Then I reflected that charger I found right into the bin because what the fuck am I doing with a 13-year-old phone charger in my drawer.  I've moved like 8 times in that time - all over the planet.  Still had that charger though because - you never know!

See ya ancient phone charger!  Thanks for the memories, time to make some space for the new ones. 

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein